We accept infants at few weeks of age until they become two years old. At the age of one, they have an area where the toddlers play separate from the infants. All the child's needs are met as they communicate them by behavior and we follow the schedule for care as developed with the family for needs and services. "Needs and Services" plan is developed with you and is updated as needed to make certain the changes are made to meet the changing needs of your growing infant/toddler. This, of course, is augmented by your daily chats with your teachers. You will receive a daily report showing your child's food consumption, napping and our diaper checking/changing during the day.

The infants and toddlers have their own play yard to meet their need for sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Toddlers are given the opportunity to paint, attend "circle time" with read-aloud stories and felt board stories, counting, etc. Language development is an ongoing process and social development in the form of communicating needs and wants, sharing, taking turns, etc. are practiced during the toddler age.

Our caregivers demonstrate gentle teaching all day long to teach the children to interact in a kind and gentle manner. Our staff is well aware that they are modeling behavior that the young child will incorporate into their understanding of the world. 

No effort is spared to provide a wholesome, activity-based atmosphere in a safe environment (door guards so fingers aren't pinched, rounded corners on furniture, etc.) under the watchful eyes of caring adults.