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16 Month Old Baby Development Milestones: Language and Motor Skills

16 Month Old Baby Development Milestones: Language and Motor Skills

When you have a newborn at your home then one of the biggest concerns of every parent is how can they make the environment better for the development and understanding of the kid motor skills a certain thing that can be developed till a certain age and it should be kept in mind that there are different types of simple creative activities which can help you in developing your 16 months baby or in toddler’s mind.

Language Development:


Most of the time you see that a baby learns to copy things from whatever they hear. A 16 months baby takes time in learning a proper language with a good vocabulary and it is very common in most of the kids. The first word that your child probably learns will be a monosyllabic letter which they can pronounce easily. You cannot expect that suddenly an 18 month old kid will start speaking fluent English or fluent words. You need to make sure that your 16 month old baby learns different names like cat, dog, food and things which they see in day to day life which will also help them in the preschool admissions. I recommend you to find a preschool Escondido

Talk to them:


Eventually they will also learn small sentences if you help your 16 months development learning as a parent or an elder sibling you should remember that until and unless you yourself do not sit with them and talk to them they will not be able to learn things themselves. Every survey and research would tell you that when you talk to your baby they are more likely to respond in a positive way and will help them develop their language skills faster than their siblings. It is probably preferred that the parents themselves should spend more time with their kids. At times it happens that most of the kids do not learn to speak properly or rely on giving rest until and unless they reach preschool. Yes Infant Care Escondido is a very good place to learn how to speak because there are other kids of the same age who would try to interact with each other and then your kid will have this report on efforts themselves to develop good language.

Motor Development:


Motor skills are one of the most important things that every parent should keep in mind. 6 month old kids start to sit and lie on themselves and are able to switch positions. Once they are 12 months old they would try to start walking by holding different objects or taking support.

Let them Try: 16 Month Old Development

You shouldn’t get panicked or shocked when you see your kid trying to walk themselves. You need to take the risk and remove the fear of the baby falling. Until and unless they do not fall once or twice they will not be able to learn how to walk properly. Make sure that the surface is not too hard or bad for them to fall but do not stop them from walking because that would discourage them from doing so. You see that kids have a habit of imitating other people. When they see you eating they also want to eat and will try to snatch the spoon away, when they see you walking they will try to get up and walk themselves. This is how you can encourage your kid by imitating actions.

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