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Our School Age Program provides a recreational program for the all-day program in the summer and assisted homework time plus a variety of activities for after/before school fun.

During the school year transportation is provided in our vans to the schools we serve in the area. Parents may drop off children in the morning for a.m. transportation and arrange to have our vans pick them up from school upon dismissal. There is no extra charge for this service.

Children sign in as to whether they have homework to complete while attending the program. After time to relax and enjoy a snack, those students with homework are given a quiet place to work where assistance from staff is given if needed.

Children without homework can select to do an art project, play a board game, enjoy the win, engage in puzzles, etc. Outside activities include basketball, tetherball, overhead bar challenges, slides, climbing walls, ping pong, teeter-toddler, etc.

During the summer the school-age children take visits to parks (some with splash pads), tour various restaurants and businesses to learn what goes into providing the services or products they sell, take a trip to the aquarium, participate in a reptile show at the school by the Lizard Wizard, go bowling, help with cooking projects in addition to enjoying quiet reading sessions as well as other activities, both self-directed and teacher-directed.

We help our older school-age children to make wise behavior choices by incorporating the Reflections system when necessary. When there is a problem, they must write the other choices they had and what the likely consequences were of those choices as contrasted with the choice they made. We have found this method teaches children to act with more thought when tempted to be impulsive. Younger children are taught to express orally what other choices they had in order to promote thinking through behavior before acting.

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Scholorships available for parents who do not qualify for Agency funding!

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