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Our infant and toddler program is designed to accommodate the needs of our very early learners. The program focuses on providing primary care and stimulating learning activities for babies who are not yet walking. Each child is assigned to a primary teacher and given individualized care in a growing, secure relationship with that adult. Primary care means that each child is assigned a primary teacher who will monitor all of the baby’s needs including feeding, sleeping and diapering schedules as well as social interaction with adults and other children.  Primary caregivers communicate exclusively with their assigned parents throughout the day. As babies become more physically mobile, their environment needs to accommodate their growing physical and cognitive abilities. Our toddler program provides age-appropriate, varied, and fun experiences and projects. Daily activities are planned so that children learn to function with more structure and direction, yet can still explore and play independently.

Parents are asked to fill out a form specifying their child’s daily schedule of eating, sleeping and wakeful periods. These individual care plans are updated every three months.  Each child’s primary caregiver will work closely with parents to determine what is best for each baby. Parents receive a daily log informing them of their child’s primary care and activities throughout the day.

Our beloved teachers are certified in the study of infant and toddler development, having completed university coursework. Our nurturing teachers become “like family” as they provide daily input and advice on each baby’s ever-changing development. These skilled teachers will monitor your child’s developmental progress and give experienced advice in sleep training, feeding schedules, and physical milestones.

It is our belief that learning begins at birth, and our program stresses cognitive and social development in a safe, secure home-like learning environment. Our staff is well educated in childhood illnesses, is committed to each child’s safety and maintains a sanitized classroom. Our infant program has a 1:4 teacher to child ratio. We use baby signing with our older babies to facilitate language and to enhance the baby’s ability to communicate with caregivers and parents. Our daily activities include the use of a variety of educational toys, stroller rides, music, and story time. As they grow older, children are introduced to art, music, puzzles, dramatic play, and circle time through teacher directed activities. Large motor development is encouraged while outside in a secure playground. Gradual independence and self-confidence are encouraged as children learn to communicate their needs successfully to adults either verbally or through the use of baby signing. Encouraging self-expression and cooperation are both important goals. We provide a loving and stimulating environment which encourages a child’s intellectual curiosity and self-esteem.

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Scholorships available for parents who do not qualify for Agency funding!

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