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What We Do for your child?

Leaps and bound school is a place for the overall development of infants and toddlers to make them intellectually more capable and physically mobile. We “Day Care Escondido” believe in working on your child’s skills and capabilities to help them perform great in their academics and life.

Interacting with adults

Each child is assigned to a primary teacher and given individualized care in a growing, secure relationship with that adult. Our Preschool Escondido consists of the most experienced and caring teachers who will make your child feel safe and cared for.

Minds-on play & learn

Our Infant and Toddler program provides age-appropriate, varied, and fun experiences and projects. Daily activities are planned so that children learn to function with more structure and direction yet can still explore and play independently.

Learning & experiences

As babies become more physically mobile, their environment needs to accommodate their growing physical and cognitive abilities. We involve your toddler and infants into several fun activities and learning that helps them in enhancing their skills and capabilities.

Our Program

It is our belief that learning begins at birth, and our program stresses cognitive and social development in a safe, secure home-like learning environment that helps them in achieving every milestone.

Boosting Confidence

Learning at preschool will help improve your child’s confidence. Gradual independence and self-confidence are encouraged as children learn to communicate their needs successfully to adults

either verbally or through the use of baby signing.

Self-Regulation in learning skills

Along with the several values, Our Infant Care Escondido also teaches your child to have patients and self-control over the urge of achieving immediate goals, attention, and results. Our program helps

your child to be persistent.

Managing Emotions

Managing emotion is crucial for your child to understand a series of emotions such as anger, sadness, empathy and compassion. We promote social and emotional self-control so that your

child could know how to control anger and other emotions.

Fun Learning

Our daily activities include the use of a variety of educational toys, stroller rides, music, and story time. As they grow older, children are introduced to art, music, puzzles, dramatic play, and circle

time through teacher directed activities. Large motor development is encouraged while outside in a secure playground.


"Our family has been with Leaps and Bounds for three years and we are very happy with the school. Staff reaches out to share stories about your kids on a daily basis. Our kids have a full happy time with lots of activities, art and crafts. Kids always have an interesting story to tell when they get back home. Leaps and Bounds has been incredibly flexible in working with parents and their community during the times of COVID"

Mother of 2 year & 6 month old with Leaps and Bounds school