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What We Do for your child?

Our curriculum is organized around monthly themes such as space study, dinosaurs, camping, and zoo animals. The academic also focuses on language and fine motor development. We “Day Care La Puente” help your child to develop this quality from the very beginning through interaction and learning.

Developmental Capabilities

Our Preschool La Puente offers a great deal of emphasis on developing language through teacher interaction and modeling. Children are grouped by age and maturity level to complement each child’s educational progress.

Language Skills

This includes articulation, syntax, appropriate grammar, letter recognition, and letter-sound correspondence. Children learn primary, secondary and tertiary colors, & complex shapes. Fine motor skills are developed with the use of scissors, stencils, lacing boards, tracing and duplicating letters.

Understanding of Phonics

Leaps and bounds teaches your child about personal information, recognition of upper and lower case letters, understanding of phonics, recognition of higher numerals and an understanding of numerical concepts. There is a focus on early reading & writing skills.

Our Program

Our Infant Care La Puente reflects a developmental approach to teaching and learning. Academic skills are taught in ways that are fun for the children and these focus on gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, behavioral and self-help skills through hands on learning.

Boost Confidence

Good confidence is essential for your child to perform well in life. We will help improve your child’s confidence. At our preschool, your child will interact with our teachers and this will in turn

help them in improving their communication skills and confidence.

Self-Regulation in learning skills

Along with the several values, our goal is to expose each child to a variety of learning experiences to facilitate a healthy self-concept. Teachers emphasize appropriate receptive

expressive language skills. Our program helps your child to be persistent.

Managing Emotions

The children will learn to respect one another, transition easily between activities, sit quietly during circle time and take turns willingly. Children who have not yet accomplished their potty

training goals will be assisted to complete this training.

Behavioral Skills

Our preschool allows your child to enhance their behavioral skills, which contribute to their overall development. Our certified teachers will involve your child in healthy interaction and fun

learning through which they will be able to nourish their behavioral skills.


"Our family has been with Leaps and Bounds for three years and we are very happy with the school. Staff reaches out to share stories about your kids on a daily basis. Our kids have a full happy time with lots of activities, art and crafts. Kids always have an interesting story to tell when they get back home. Leaps and Bounds has been incredibly flexible in working with parents and their community during the times of COVID"

Mother of 2 year & 6 month old with Leaps and Bounds school