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Our two-year-old program introduces children to a more structured learning environment which focuses on fostering self-confidence, independence, and appropriate peer interactions. Activities are varied, stimulating, and fun. Our goal is to plan age-appropriate activities that focus on a child’s developmental capabilities and interests. Our curriculum is organized around monthly themes such as space study, dinosaurs, camping, and zoo animals.

Children are grouped by age and maturity level to compliment each child’s educational progress. A great deal of emphasis is placed on developing language through teacher interaction and modeling, reading stories, inviting dramatic play, and providing repetition games and singing. Children are expected to form 2-3 word sentences with gradually increasing vocabulary, follow simple two-step commands, and have intelligible speech.

Our three-year-old program is designed to accommodate the emerging skills and capabilities of these young learners. Children are grouped by age and maturity level and are introduced to a rich array of learning activities specifically designed to engage the developmental milestones of three-year-old children.
The academic focus in the three-year-old program is two-fold; language and fine motor development.

Language skills include articulation, syntax, appropriate grammar, letter recognition, and letter-sound correspondence. Children learn primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and basic & complex shapes,  Fine motor skills are developed with the use of scissors, stencils, lacing boards, tracing and duplicating letters.

The three-year-old group also focuses on behavioral and socio-emotional development. The children learn to separate easily from parents, respect one another, transition easily between activities, sit quietly during circle time and take turns willingly.  Children who have not yet accomplished their potty training goals will be assisted to complete this training.

Our Pre-K program reflects a developmental philosophy where children are often placed into groups according to age and skill level, so that a teacher may provide activities that are most appropriate for each group. Within the school year the children are often re-grouped as they master more difficult tasks. Academic skills are taught through project and theme based activities that are fun for the children.

The academic objectives of the Pre-K program include the knowledge of personal information, recognition of upper and lower case letters, understanding of phonics, recognition of higher numerals and an understanding of numerical concepts. In addition there is a focus on early reading & writing skills. Our goal is to expose each child to a variety of learning experiences to facilitate a healthy self-concept. Teachers emphasize appropriate receptive and expressive language skills.

Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) reflects a developmental approach to teaching and learning. The program focuses on gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, behavioral and self-help skills through hands on learning.  Academic skills are taught in ways that are fun for the children, and information is provided in a context that is interesting to them.

The academic objectives of the TK program include the knowledge of personal information (last name, age, address, birth date, etc.), recognition of upper and lower case letters, correct pincer grip for writing and lacing, understanding of phonics (complex sounds and blends), grammatically correct syntax, and a focus on early reading & writing skills.

Mathematical concepts are taught including ability to identify numbers from 1-50, ability to count rote from 1-100, and sequencing of events. Children should strive to have an attention span of 25 minutes and be able to follow a 3 step directive from an adult.  Our children leave the TK program well prepared for kindergarten and elementary school.

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