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Leaps and Bounds Preschool La Puente

Leaps and Bounds is a Daycare La Puente that specializes in the general development of your child through various programs including physical, emotional, social and intellectual that allows your child to grow in every aspect. Our Infant Care La Puente prepares your child mentally and physically to assist them achieve milestones in academics in addition as games. We incorporate some social values in them. Moreover, we ensure to push the physical development of your child by involving them in several games and activities that include the use of intelligence and strength. Our Teachers at the Preschool La Puente are experienced and have the skills to encourage your child to maneuver out of their comfort zone and explore their surroundings.

Values that we provide in your child at Daycare La Puente

Day Care Centres are meant to supply your child what they can’t grasp while being at home. Preschool La Puente allows your toddler to interact with several adults and learn various social values in their life. Daycare helps in enhancing your child’s social, physical, and emotional capabilities. There are several values that our Infant care La Puente incorporates in your child, these include:

Making them Responsible:

Being answerable for your own actions is important for the young children. This is often the essential value that we teach your child at Leaps and Bounds. Home-based learning doesn’t allow your children to require responsibility for their own things and work, while preschool teaches your child about self-care and sense of responsibility. Here, your child is taught to require care of their own body, maintain hygiene, look out for their belongings and take responsibility for his or her own work. Sense of responsibility makes your child self-reliable and capable of taking decisions. 

Making them Confidence:

Good Confidence could be a lifelong asset for an Individual. Making your child confident from a really beginning will help them in achieving milestones in their life. Preschool La Puente will teach communication skills to your child in order that they will freely ask the adults and other children of their age bracket. Good communication skills will boost confidence in your child. Enhanced confidence will help your child in promoting their unique talent skills and learning styles within the best way possible. Good confidence is the key to face out from the crowd. If your child is confident enough from the very beginning, then there are fine chances that they will perform great in their academics.

Creating a way of Compassion:

Our Infant Care La Puente believes in incorporating empathy and compassion in your child. This quality will help your child in emotion management and learning several social values. Understanding and managing emotions are very crucial for your child. This is often the strongest value that ought to be taught from a really young age in order that your child can learn several lifelong skills and effectively apply it in their knowledge skills and attitude. There are several social and emotional development programs that we teach at our Daycare La Puente in order that your child can find out how to regulate and manage their emotions during a certain situation.

Mastering them in Materialistic Learning:

The simplest way of learning is when the material speaks to your child. At our Daycare centre, we involve your child in fun and learning where learning through several activities games and situations. Your child will grasp those things much faster which interest and fascinates them the foremost . Our program is meant to be consistent with your child’s interests and choices, where they’re going to learn every aspect of life through fun activities. Our Preschool programs are comfortable and age-appropriate for your child. We promote practical learning among the youngsters by involving them in several activities and field visits. 

Programs that we Recommend at Preschool La Puente

Reading and Writing Skills:

Our Day Care Centre will teach early reading and writing skills to your child. The primary course of study will involve reading storybooks, understanding different sounds, singing songs, rhyming games and learning alphabets, while the primary writing program will involve essay writing, story writing and galvanizing your children to spell words on the thought of their hearing.

Easy Mathematics:

If your child understands the maths concept within the start, then it’ll become very easy for him within the Tutorial. Learning maths in Daycare La Puente could also be a fun process that involves counting your surrounding objects, sort of a table, chair, toys and much more. This program will involve encouraging your child to measure and compare objects and problem solving. At Infant Care La Puente, your child goes to tend several tools to find out Math within the foremost fun way. Read More about School Age Programs.

Social Studies:

Social Studies is everything that your child learns during a preschool like interacting with adults, making friends, taking responsibility, and making decisions. Social Studies are some things that cannot be taught in home-based learning. Early learning of the subject will help your child during academics and boost his confidence while interacting with people.


Children are very inquisitive about knowing about their surroundings and therefore the way things happen. The solution to their curiosity is often found through science. Learning science at a Preschool La Puente would mean that your children could experiment on materials, make discoveries, ask questions and study the environmental procedure with the help of field visits.

Creative Arts:

Your toddler can discover their unique talent and skills through the subject. It encourages your child to bring out their feelings and unique ideas and implement them within the simplest way possible. Creative arts involve singing, dancing, painting, and pretending. This subject will promote bringing out the foremost creative side of your child and identifying their unique talent.

Know the Purpose why your Toddler should attend Preschool

1.) We provide Growth Opportunity

Learning ought to be started from the earliest. Educational Institution can facilitate your kid grow from the starting and learn to move with the adults and alternative teams of youngsters. Daycare La Puente provides the chance to follow instructions, learn and perceive their surroundings.

2.) We tend to prepare your Children for Kindergarten

Preschool La Puente prepares your children for future academics. While not attending the preschools, your child may face problems interacting with teachers, other kids, and creating friends. Moreover, they face difficulty in grasping the pre-math and pre-literacy skills. Educational institutions will prepare your child for the same.

3.) We tend to enable your Kid to create choices

Infant care La Puente alters your child to spot their skills, talent, and interests and opt for those activities that interest them the foremost instead of wandering aimlessly. Our academics at leaps and bounds will guarantee to assist your child by giving him suggestions and serving them to make the proper choice. Read More about Infant Toddlers.

4.) We tend to promote Feeling Management in your Child

At Preschool, your child is introduced to social and emotional development wherever they’re going to be instructed to feel cared and to worry for others too. Your child will learn social skills and emotional self-control. Followed by this, Our Teachers will teach them to manage anger and the way to resolve their problems.

5.) Your Child will learn Self-Care

Self-Care and Growth are some things that ought to be incorporated in youngsters from the beginning. Knowing regarding their body and health could be a should for growing children. This may embrace teaching them about sensible habits, appreciating laundry hands, maintaining hygiene, and taking care of their belongings.

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Lorena Vasquez

Director, La Puente Leaps and Bounds School

My name is Lorena Vasquez and I have been working at Leaps and Bounds Preschool since 2002. I have been the director for the last seven years. I love children and working with families. It makes each day a special day for me. Most of my team has been with the school for a long time and have become like a family. I love spending time with my parents and really getting to know them.

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