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Why Choose Us

Leaps and Bounds School believe in making your child confident and intellectual before they enter schooling. Day Care La Puente is a fun and comfortable environment for children to have their high-quality early education. Choosing will never make you turn back on your choices. We at Preschool La Puente bring out the best in your toddler and prepare them to pursue school for further studies.

Preschool La Puente Building Confidence

Infant Care La Puente helps your child to build confidence from a small age by making them interact with adults and peer groups. Good confidence is necessary to perform well in every field and perform fearless interaction with everyone.

Confidence is such a quality that every human’s survival depends on it. At Day Care La Puente we develop the self confidence in your child which will make him or her deal with every situation and find a way out.

Preschool La Puente Making your Child Responsible

Our Preschool La Puente helps your child to incorporate this basic value in themselves. This value should be taught to kids from a young age so that they can become independent and indulge a sense

of responsibility and belongingness for their acts. We encourage your child to take care of their things and do their own work to make them self-responsible. Infant Care La Puente believes in taking the responsibility and giving them responsibility by small tasks and activities.

Day Care La Puente Understanding and Managing Emotions

Our preschool encourages emotion management in children so that they are able to understand a series of emotions such as empathy, compassion, anger, sadness, excitement and know how to control or manage them.

Young kids often face difficulty in understanding emotions and controlling them, Our Infant Care La Puente program focuses on helping them in getting rid of this problem and effectively managing their emotions. Knowing the flaws in anyone, can make it easier to overcome it. That’s what Preschool La Puente keeps as a priority.

Day Care La Puente Materialistic Learning

Something that is being taught in a fun way grabs the attention faster. This is what our Day Care La Puente follows. We involve your child in fun learning so that they can grasp things faster and learn in the most interesting and fun way.

Our programs are designed to be age-appropriate and fun so that children should grab things faster. Our management at Day Care La Puente is trained in a particular way where they recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a child.

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Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

Infant Care La Puente

Preschool offers development opportunities through our programs and fun learning. Day Care La Puente involves your child in intellectual learning activities so that it contributes to their overall development. A holistic development is a must for this age because it is every child’s first step towards the future. Infant Care La Puente involves the kids in activities that speed up their development.

Infant Care La Puente

Entering kindergarten would mean that your child will get a level one of learning such as numeric, understanding reading and writing skills. Our experienced and certified Day Care La Puente teachers help your child to get prepared for the next level so that they are able to grab things faster. Our preschool helps prepare your child for kindergarten. Infant Care La Puente strengthens their basic communication skills, focuses on good vocabulary so that they can be easily habitual to the higher level.

Infant Care La Puente

Our preschool will teach your child to determine skills and work on them to enhance and improve them. In addition to this, Our Infant Care La Puente teachers will give the correct suggestions to your child and help them to discover their skills, capabilities, talents and hobbies. Our teachers at Preschool La Puente will interact with your child and help them grow their skills.

Infant Care La Puente

Understanding and managing emotion is crucial for your child to understand a series of emotions such as anger, sadness, empathy and compassion which is one of the prioritised things to look after at Day Care La Puente. Our preschool helps you in managing and controlling them. Our Infant Care La Puente promotes social and emotional self-control so that your child could know how to control anger and other emotions.

Preschool La Puente

Knowing about your body and health is something that we at Preschool La Puente promote teaching to younger kids. It is crucial for children to take self-care in absence of their parents. It also helps them in becoming responsible. Our Preschool La Puente helps your child to know about their body language and how to take self-care when their parents are not around.

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"Our family has been with Leaps and Bounds for three years and we are very happy with the school. Staff reaches out to share stories about your kids on a daily basis. Our kids have a full happy time with lots of activities, art and crafts. Kids always have an interesting story to tell when they get back home. Leaps and Bounds has been incredibly flexible in working with parents and their community during the times of COVID"

Mother of 2 year & 6 month old with Leaps and Bounds school