We teach Early Learning Standards and begin children wherever they are on the developmental continuum - we allow and encourage the child to work at their own pace and to feel comfortable at whatever pace that may be. We build on the child's strengths and provide practice in areas that do not come so easily. Most of all, we are intent on having children's early childhood experiences be positive so children believe in their own abilities and think that school is "a good place to be". A strong preschool foundation bodes well for continued school success.

Each of our teachers plans and posts a comprehensive activity plan that addresses the ages and interests of the children and lists the learning objective for that particular lesson as well. A typical lesson plan for the day involves language development, numbers and counting, pre-writing and writing skills, music, art, community awareness, health and science, dramatic play, and both fine motor activities and gross motor activities. Each class has five new words each week - age appropriate  words for vocabulary building. Each day provides sensory play, find motor practice, so they can first control a crayon and later a pencil, pretend play time to act out the roles they observe adults enacting and time to run and jump and laugh and play with their friends. We want to reaffirm to them every day their belief that the world is a wondrous place. 

Please know that the manipulatives and toys in the various classrooms are selected to reinforce the key concepts for that age group so while playing with their friends they are not only practicing social skills with each other but building on the skills addressed in teacher-directed activities as well. We have also selected items in the outdoor play yard that strengthen various muscle groups. So be assured that while they are playing and laughing and having all kinds of fun, they are learning and growing strong as well.

No one can ever know your child better than you as the parent and we welcome any insights you have into making the preschool experiences more meaningful for your child. Please help us to know your child in that regard. We'll help your young preschooler to begin potty training using positive methods and give assistance to you in any other areas we can as well.

We hope you and your family will stop by and we will welcome you at any time. If you want to schedule a tour, please call ahead of time so that we can suggest best time for you to take a look at the facility and get admission packet.