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6 Fun Decision Making Games for Kids | Leaps and Bounds School

6 Fun Decision Making Games for Kids | Leaps and Bounds School

All the parents that they wish for their kid are extraordinary ones and know how to tackle situations in life. Well, it doesn’t come in a click every child you see is smart for their age because their parents have worked hard on them. Some kids are God-gifted with brains but that also needs to be polished by someone so that you can have a better outlook towards things. 

DayCare Escondido is here to tell you about some games which can make your kid a smart one and an intelligent one by very simple steps. Even when choosing what to wear for college, ask your child to think about the weather, what activities he would like to interact in (such as playing within the sandpit or water), etc. Teach your child the words to use to form these choices, by using them yourself once you mention them. you’ll be extending his vocabulary also as his ability to think things through carefully.

Some Decision Making Games for your Kids


1. Memory Game

A memory game can be played with a set of picture cards (with exact pairs). This is how you play:

  • Turn all the cards face down on the table
  • Take turns to choose two cards each and turn them face up
  • If the cards match, you keep them
  • If they don’t match, you turn them both face down
  • Continue turning two at a time until all the cards have been matched 
  • The winner is the person with the most cards at the end


2. Stuck on a Deserted Island

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you’ll only take three things with you, what would they be? This game is more suitable for older preschoolers. Question your child about her choices to form her think them through carefully and provide her the choice to vary her mind until she has settled on three things she cannot live without.

3. Role Play

Role play means that your kid can play a role for a character of some play or story. How to enact a character with the help of this game role play is a very interesting game because it makes sure that your kids are a little extroverted and removes their shyness away. Your kids will love this game and can probably keep going all day. confirm to never break character! you’ll be giggling tons.

4. Checkers

Board games like checkers or chess are excellent because every single move must be thought out and selected, as against a game that relies tons on chance (such as a throw of a dice). Chess could be too difficult for preschoolers – although not for a few – but draughts may be a far more basic game to show, that also requires tons of thinking. It is often a fun activity to form this game as an art activity and color or stick the squares. Improvise and use natural materials, buttons, coins, or counters. This large checkers game is often played outdoors and features a Tic Tac Toe board on the reverse side.

5. Monopoly

Monopoly may be a fun game to play as a family. Start with Monopoly Junior but later teach your children to play the adult game once they are ready. This game requires tons of strategic thinking and making decisions about buying and selling investments. This is an excellent game to get engrossed and spend a lot of time together.

6. Build Me a…

For this activity use Lego or blocks and challenge your child to create a stimulating structure, choosing between two options. Some ideas:

Build me an airport or a zoo

Build me a parking zone or a castle

Build me a tall tower or a cottage

Ask them to build anything that is in their reach and they are  able to understand it. This game not only helps them make their decision making skills better but also increases their vocabulary towards different things in life. 

For example when you talk about an airport or a zoo for Cottage they will understand that this is a place to go for visit and what is the purpose of the place.

There you’ve got it. Preschool Fontana hopes you’ll enjoy trying these simple yet fun decision making games for teenagers.

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