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Auditory Memory Games and Activities to Prepare Your Child for Reading

Auditory Memory Games and Activities to Prepare Your Child for Reading

Auditory or generally known as echoic memory is something many people haven’t heard of!  If you have a small kid and you wish to sharpen up their auditory skills, that will be a wonderful initiative. 

Some very easy games and activities which we follow at Day Care Escondido that would help you make your kid’s memory sharper.


Five Auditory Memory Activities:


1. Shopping Spree: Auditory Memory Games


This is one of the most interesting auditory memory activities which can make them curious to play. Get a range of around 6 everyday objects – a bottle, toy car, a soft toy, etc and ask your child to collect certain objects. You could use a little shopping basket or a bag so they can put the items in. Start at an easy level, say 2 items and as they find this easier move on to 3 then 4.

2. Complete The Sentence You Heard:


Do you remember playing “I went to the football court and ______” ? Well, this is a remembering game. You take it in turns to add a piece of information to a list and each turn you have to recall the list in full.  To keep it interesting you can think of items in different categories:-

You are going to school for_____

You will always be the apple of______

Keep these sweet phrases in your conversation so that they can remember things with a positive impact. You can also add another element to these games by adding a description to your item. So rather than just seeing a tiger at the zoo, you could see a tiger with stripes. Instead of just seeing a monkey, you could see a monkey eating a banana.


3. Remembering Parts of a Story: Improve Auditory memory


When you are reading with the child, before you turn the page over you can ask specific questions about the page you have just read.  What was the girl’s name? Where did they travel to? What did they forget? etc. This is a great activity as it also helps the child learn how to extract key pieces of information.

Recall of a spoken sequence

You could extend this and when you go shopping ask the child to remember a few items that you need e.g toothpaste, apples and bread. Then as you walk around the shops they have to remember and collect their items. This would be a good auditory game.


4. Broken Telephone/ Whispering Game


If you have a few people, you could play a game of broken telephone. One person thinks of a sentence and whispers it to the person next to them. This continues until it gets back to the first person. The sentence is then said out loud and you compare it to the original to see if it has been changed.

You could ask the child to remember an item at the start of an activity and then ask them what it was at the end. This requires them to remember over time.


5. Treasure Hunt Activities: Auditory Games


Try giving the child instructions to find a hidden object. Again, initially you could give instructions one at a time, but as they improve you could give 2 or 3 instructions together.  This could be made very motivating if you hide a treat or favourite toy! This as an auditory memory game is quite famous for a long time now.

So have a try! Remember to start at an easy level and gradually make it harder. Also find strategies that help the child and encourage them to use them in the games. At Day Care Escondido, we try our best to practice such games that will help your kid to improve auditory memory.

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